About  Athena

Early in  my life I learned I was blessed with the ability to empath and intuit the vibration of what has  happened in
peoples lives.

Always having felt like I didn't "fit in" on this planet Earth, with very different ideas and a much different outlook on
life than my parents had, I learned at an early age to keep most of my ideas to myself.

At 7 years old I was very conscious of having a "bigger purpose" for my life than becoming a mother, or pursuing a
music career, or becoming an artist.

At 18 I began practicing Yoga, giving intuitive readings, and started investigating healing methods and meditation.
Living in a bible belt area, this was at a time when these things were considered to be a form of 'witchcraft'.  Being
a “pioneer” in the healing arts, I gained the strength and ability to be my authentic self, in spite of the opinions of
other people about me.

I feel blessed to have experienced certain traumatic situations and people in my life who were instrumental in
helping me walk through “the dark night of the soul”, the fire that purifies.

And, I've realized that happiness can be spread best by being sure that I am happy and calm, so that  my vibration of love will lift and encourage others on their journeys through life.