"I became involved with [the gifted work] of Athena in May of 2016, when she accepted my invitation to come and help me work with my diabetes. I thought I was eating healthy but quickly learned there was much more that I could do.  Athena prepared a regimen of diet and exercise that was tailor made for me.   At the basis of that regimen was the now famous, for me at least, green drink which was built around Kale and a few other vegetables.  I would put them all in my Magic Bullet and drink it twice a day.

To support the green drink, she put me on a diet of vegetables with a very little meat.  Her ability to go into meditation and receive heavenly input into my diet, lead me to loose over 50 pounds while lowering my need for insulin injections to zero.  My insulin shots were no longer needed within 6 seeks of beginning this regimen, and within 16 weeks I had gone from 235 pounds to 183 pounds.  I was never hungry as the food was delicious and plentiful, I could eat all I wanted.  Sugar was eliminated from my diet, but after a while I felt I had no need for it and my cravings went away.

Athena’s diet and exercise regimen has changed my life for the good and I will always be grateful for her help and association.  To me she is an Angel sent by God."

Ron ~
Salt Lake City, Utah